The Mantis Operator Interface is a low cost,standalone, unattended barcode validation tool. The Mantis system is sold as a kit and requires no programmable logic controller (PLC). The system is preconfigured,self contained and is used for 100% in line validation on automated packaging lines. If an unreadable or incorrect barcoded packaging container is presented to the Mantis Operator Interface; a visual alarm, audible alarm and control line alarms will actuate. The Mantis Operator Interface complements FDA CFR Part 11 requirements for automatic validation and promotes good manufacturing practices.  

The Mantis Operator Interface is compatible with all brands of hand held barcode readers and fixed mount barcode readers and imagers.  Integration of industrial unattended bar code readers from Datalogic, Sick, Microscan, Cognex, Axicon, Keyence,Zebra Symbol Technologies, Accu-Sort Systems is available.  We are experienced integrator of laser and imager based unattended scanning systems. Visit our PHOTO LIBRARY to see several “as installed” barcode validation systems.

Typical bar code symbology used for 100% unattended bar code validation include UPC, Datamatrix, GS1 and GTIN.

The Mantis Operator Interface operates with a single switch making it very easy for a line side operator to LEARN, RUN and RESET the system.  Operators can be trained to operate and reset errors after a few minutes of training. “Show and Go” training with or without password protection is standard.

Since 2002,hundreds of systems have been installed in primary and secondary packaging operations.  Food, beverage, pharmaceutical and print shop systems are field tested and proven reliable. Visit our PHOTO LIBRARY to see “as installed” barcode verification systems.


Mantis Applications Include:

100% Bar Code Validation
In-line validation of UPC coding is an essential part of good manufacturing practices and quality control procedures. Bar codes not only must be high quality but also correct for the SKU. The Mantis Operator Interface kit meets the mandated inspections as required by chain store retailers.


Mantis Brand Counting
The Mantis Operator Interface answers the question “Are 100% of the bar codes on my packaging line readable and correct?” Functions of the Mantis Operator Interface can be expanded to include Brand Counting.


Material Handling Controller
The Mantis Operator Interface has been used as a low cost material handling controller. The Mantis relay outputs are available for use to actuate a conveyor divert based upon significant digits in a bar code or a “look up” table.


Paperboard Verifier
The Mantis Operator Interface has been used as a low cost verifier on paperboard die cutters and gluers . As sheets are fed into the die cutter or glue machine, a bar code is read to verify the sheets are correct for the job.


Trailer Loading validation
In high volume shipping situations, loading outbound freight into the wrong trailer is an easy error to make. Fortunately, it is also an easy error to detect and prevent.


Lot Control
Data collection for production Lot Control is an essential component for good manufacturing practices. The Mantis Operator Interface offers a tool set for packaging operations to automatically collect and electronically store production lot information.


Intelligent Bar Code validation - USPS
In 2009 the USPS has mandated changes in mail tray processing. In order to pass the best postage rates to bulk mailers, mail processors must confirm the correct mail trays are placed on the correct pallet before wrapping.


Mantis Print And Apply validation
The Mantis Operator Interface uses extend into the secondary packaging area.  validation of product labels applied or pre-printed on corrugate cartons is a common function of the Mantis Operator Interface.


  Mantis In Action -
"Wrong Bar Code"
  Mantis In Action -
"No Bar Code Read"

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