Intelligent Bar Code Verification - USPS

In 2009 the USPS has mandated changes in mail tray processing.  In order to pass the best postage  rates to bulk mailers, mail processors must confirm the correct mail trays are placed on the correct pallet before wrapping.  New pallet “placards” are required to be affixed to pallets that have also been confirmed to be correct.  The Mantis Operator Interface and hand held bar code scanner is a low cost tool set to verify that correctness of mail tray placement.  

The system is expandable to verify that pallets are loaded on to the correct trailer.  Trailer load lists are maintained and viewable by management.  Lift truck operators are alerted if a pallet is incorrectly placed in a trailer.

· No PLC required
· Low cost
· Small footprint
· Audible and visual feedback for employees
· Pre configured for easy implementation



  Mantis In Action -
"Wrong Bar Code"
  Mantis In Action -
"No Bar Code Read"

  Verifier White Paper
  Mantis Operator Interface
  ANSI Verification

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