100% Bar Code Validation

In-line verification of product coding is an essential part of  good manufacturing practices and quality control procedures.   Bar codes not only must be high quality by ANSI grading but also correct for the SKU.  Meets mandated inspection from national retailers. Most importantly, the  operator / machine interface is easy to operate, catches errors, alerts for corrective actions and is cost effective.  

Currently installed in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and material handling applications.

The MANTIS operator interface is designed to teach sensors and scanners as well as alert line operators to packaging problems before errors accumulate.  Visual, audible and two control line alarms alert operators to product identification issues upon the first occurrence.  The MANTIS can accept data from bar code scanners, vision systems and optical sensors.  No PLC is required to operate.

  • Visual, Audible and Two Control Line Alarm
  • “Show & Go” Operation
  •  Selector Switch     Run    Learn    Reset
  • Unattended Operation For 100% Inspection
  • RS232 Interface to Bar Code Scanners & Cameras
  • Dozens Successfully Installed Since 2002


TR = Total Reads                              
NR = No – Reads
NM = No Match

  Mantis In Action -
"Wrong Bar Code"
  Mantis In Action -
"No Bar Code Read"

  Verifier White Paper
  Mantis Operator Interface
  ANSI Verification

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