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Since inception in 2002, Mantisco Systems, Inc. has promoted Good Manufacturing Practice solutions by applying in-line, 100% unattended inspection systems for packaging lines. We apply the latest in automatic identification solutions to assist you with meeting customer expectations and new FDA regulation. Our integrated unattended data collection systems minimize the chance for packaging errors and defects. Our team of professionals is committed to innovative solutions, high product quality and customer satisfaction.

Mantisco Systems, Inc. is committed to assuring quality in primary and secondary packaging through data gathering and making data available at all levels of your organization. With over 25 years of experience with automatic data collection, we are ready to be of service. We practice the art of integration by applying the latest technology to meet your specific needs.

Mantisco Systems supplies integration services for automatic identification systems used for packaging validation. In the primary packaging area, unattended bar code scanners and vision systems are configured to perform ANSI verification and match code validation. Turnkey systems offer packaging departments visual and audible alarms when errors are detected. Our turnkey system is operational right out the box and in many cases, no custom set up is required. In the secondary packaging area, turnkey print and apply systems meet the challenges of compliance labeling, pallet labeling and shipping label automation. We are experienced with engineering solutions for the material handling constraints (carton metering, alignment, reject) that accompany print and apply systems.

Neil S. Borg; MBA is the founder of Mantisco Systems, Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the automatic identification industry to draw upon, Mantisco Systems offers real world experience with defining scope of work, project management and implementation. Industries served include food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, logistics, transportation and retail distribution.

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