Mantis Bar Code Verifier

The Mantis Operator Interface is an out of the box bar code / text verifier that requires no programmable logic controller (PLC). The system is self contained and is used for 100% in line verification on high speed packaging lines. If an incorrect packaging container is presented to Mantis an alarm will actuate. The Mantis Operator Interface complements FDA CFR Part 11 requirements for automatic validation. Read More...


Hand Held Bar Code Readers
Datalogic's family of hand-held readers includes contact, instinctive, distance, 2D and mobile versions fulfils customers’ needs by providing devices that increase productivity, while easing the operator's job. For over 15 years, Datalogic's hand-held readers have excelled for their high technology, fine design and superior reliability. Proof of this can be found in the hundreds of thousands of devices installed all over the world in the retail, office automation and logistics sectors. Read More...

Unattended Bar Code Readers
Unattended scanning systems require careful planning and engineering in order to assure a high first pass read rate. Unlike hand held scanning systems, it is not possible to rescan a carton should the bar code fail to read the first time. Unattended scanning systems will attempt thousands of scans per second while hand held systems attempt dozens of scans at best. Read More...

  Mantis In Action -
"Wrong Bar Code"
  Mantis In Action -
"No Bar Code Read"

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